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Measuring your Work in Email Marketing

rising-graphIn all marketing efforts, you need to have measurable results.  You need to justify every marketing dollar.  And if you’re a small business or non-profit, you don’t have time to spend on things that don’t work.  So measuring your marketing efforts is vital to your business.

I recently learned something very interesting about how to measure your work in email marketing.  The metrics that show whether or not your subject lines are working is your open rate.  When you use a company like Constant Contact for your email marketing, and when you are creating a new email, there is a default file name – the date and time you create the email.  However, if you only use that file name, or some generic name, when you look back after months of email marketing to see which subject lines worked and which didn’t, you will have to take the time to actually look at each email and this is a pain in the derriere.  So here’s the solution – use your subject line as your file name.  You can add the date, if you want and I’d recommend that but if you use the subject line as your file name, when you go back and look at several months’ worth of metrics, you’ll see instantly which subject lines worked and which didn’t.

That’s my first holiday gift of the season.  Go forth and email!